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Are you pro 2nd Amendment?

New York has some of the toughest laws around when it comes to firearms. In the early 90’s everybody had a couple guns in New York..at least I think so.

It’s extremely difficult to get a Concealed Carry licence in New York, unless you’re a fairly high profile businessman or security team. I’m not an adolescent, a gang member, an ex con, and Ii have no history of mental illness, therefore I think I should be trusted with a firearm – at least for self defense purposes. Is that too much to ask for?

Many rappers seem to get arrested on gun charges (if not drug possession charges), and that tends to be their own fault for not going through the proper legal measures for acquiring firearms licences.

Not too long ago T.I got caught trying to purchase military issue weaponry from FBI agents. This would usually result in a good 15 year minimum sentence but T.I somehow managed to serve less than a year.

Lil Wayne served a year on Rikers Island for having an unregistered gun in New York. Prodigy of Mobb Deep served 3 years.

Shyne shot the club up and served 10 years in prison. G Dep confessed to shooting a man dead back in 1993, but has now plead not guilty. Crazy world.

One positive I can take from this is that more rappers have been arrested for carrying an unregistered weapon, then have been arrested for shooting someone.

Which rapper has the best arsenal?

Beanie Sigel:

“Silence on the Glock, infra red beam”  “We can spit it or gun it out//45th or M1 it out” …. “SK right to ya chest”

I believe Beanie Sigel has the best arsenal in the history of hip hop. SKS rifles, M1 Carbines, 45’s with infra red beams. You’d be hard pressed to find a better selection. Sidearms, assault rifles. And lets not forget what his nickname is (Beanie Mack). I think there’s a sub machine gun in there somewhere.


“My 9 work fine, my AR is plush” 

Woah now. The AR-15  is a top of the range assault rifle. Prodigy might want to use that one out of state if he wants to stay out of prison! The standard issue 9mm is a hip hop favorite. I’d even go as far as saying that it’s probably the most referenced firearm in hip hop along with the 45 caliber.

50 Cent:

“What you know about AK’s and AR 15’s?//Equipped with night vision, shell catchers and inf beams”

AK47’s? Night vision?!? 50 Cent sounds like he’s trying to go on a Spetsnaz GRU mission. He might just have Guns For Sale.

And just for good measure because it wouldn’t be right to leave them out!:

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