9th Prince greatest quotes

9th Prince was one of the founding members of Killarmy and also Rza’s brother. 

He was usually off beat but his lyrics were filled with real geopolitical events and his constant namedropping of  historical figures was kind of interesting to me.

In one song he says:

“I remember when Ghost wanted to buy the Killarmy name”

“I remember when Killa Sin bagged Alicia Keys in a hotel lobby//I remember when Don P and Beretta almost fucked Brandy and Tatiana Ali”

“I remember when me and Killah Priest battled Canibus in Atlanta after a party//Rae  & Rza was loving it hardbody”

Most memorable quotes:

“I slaughter, like Saddam Hussein, giving killing orders”

“my lyrics strike like Iranian b*mbs”

“I shock the world like the death of Princess Diana”

“Nat Turner was my militant ancestor”

“Psychotic mind of Sadaam, ex con//attack the Pe*tagon, with unorthodox firearms from Vietnam”

“Murderous style is superior from Shaolin to Nigeria”

“I’m sick like a kid from Somalia carrying malaria”

“trapped in 36 gas chambers”

“Armed and dangerous, like David Koresh down at Waco”

all you hear is bullets penetrating//deep like the assassination that almost killed Reagan

“9th Prince convinces inmates to kill themselves like Dr Kervorkian”


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