Occupy Wall Street

So it appears that hip hop heavyweights Kanye West & Russell Simmons have joined the 1000’s of protesters of Occupy Wall Street.

Now both these men are multi-millionaires, so is it possible for them to speak to the masses on what it’s like to be robbed by banksters?

I guess you could argue that their companies employ hundreds of  people, which helps to support and maintain some type of middle class. It doesn’t take an Austrian economist to tell me that this is a good thing. Kanye was even on I’m So Appalled making references to crooked bankers and businessmen, (if I didn’t misinterpret it).

On the other hand, Russell Simmons Rush Card is THE prime example of banking malpractice. 

“the RushCard costs $19.95 to obtain, and $1 per transaction to use (that fee is capped at $10 a month). Using one to draw money from an A.T.M. costs $1.95 plus whatever the A.T.M.’s owner tacks on. While direct deposits are free, there are fees to add money in the form of cash (at services like MoneyGram or CheckFreePay) or paper checks. If this sounds like a lot to pay for the privilege of spending your own money, well, that’s a pretty routine scenario for the unbanked.” Grandgood.com

The audacity of Russell Simmons joining Occupy Wall Street! One of the sheisters is right under your noses.

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  1. RNC Chairman Michael Steele

    I’m not one to think that we should hate the rich–many really do make their bread by improving the world, or at least by doing some sort of good. Especially people who started from nothing, and did it the entrepreneurial way from the start. Hopefully OWS isn’t anti-rich no matter what the case.

    That said, based on the what you just pointed out about Russell he definitely has no business being there. It’s just a chance for some good PR for him.

    As far as Kanye goes, I don’t know if he deserves any backlash for showing up, but given the perspective he raps from and the lifestyle he represents [especially Graduation and onwards], you can see where it would come from. His wealth is a part of his persona; he wears it proudly.

    Still, you get the feeling that much richer artists who are far colder businessmen [think most classic rock bands that are still around] would catch less flak just because they don’t make that part of their lives a part of their art.

    But that’s the life you choose as an artist. Your number one means of communicating with the masses is your art. If your art includes images of opulence and the like, you probably won’t be as well received at something like OWS.

  2. RNC Chairman Michael Steele

    Good to see this blog still going strong, by the way.

  3. Its was super random. It just seem they show up b/c cameras where going to be there and it would get them some good pub

    I seriously doubt either Kanye or Russell Simmons have strong view points of OWS movement.

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