Who Am I?

Rick Ross is a character. And I like characters, because they provide entertainment – whether or not it’s intentional.

I mean, when someone says something audacious as “I my nut and holla lucky me!” or “pop 1 pill make a ni*ga spend a grand, pop 2 pills make a ni*ga wanna dance“, I have no choice but to laugh. Like it or not, he’s managed to make himself one of the most popular rappers out at the moment, so it sort of indicates that he’s managed to deflect the constant fails he’s been involved with.

Regardless of that, Ice T said a couple months ago that “Rick Ross stole a n****s name, I call him ‘Identity Crisis. He thinks he’s [Freeway] Rick Ross, he thinks he’s Larry Hoover, he thinks he’s Big Meech, he thinks he’s MC Hammer, he thinks he’s Tupac. Like, who the f*ck are you really, dude?”

Now, some Rick Ross fans have said that many rappers borrow names of other people. However,  these tend to be street names (50 Cent) or military men (Norieaga, Gaddafi) and these names are often spelled incorrectly to avoid blatant plagiarism.

However, not only has Rick Ross fully immeresed himself in the persona of Freeway Ricky Ross, he refuses (or whoever owns his name) to stop using the name of a real life person! Freeway Rick Ross filed a $10 million lawsuit so he would be able to use his OWN NAME to sell products (not drugs). Unfortunately, he lost the name.

One is an ex drug distributor trying to educate the youth about the trap that is drug dealing.

The other is a former law enforcment officer, attempting to make drug dealing sound edgy and cool.

You just couldn’t make this up. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so true. Rick Ross truly is the Homer Simpson of hip hop, more the reason why I sway towards characters.

For any younger readers, I just want to inform you that if any of these rappers were involved in the drug trade, they would be in jail.


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  1. More people need to read this, haha.

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