50 Cent puts his money where his mouth is

50 Cent has pledged to try to feed a billion people suffering from starvation and famine in Africa.

Apparently, every SK Energy Drink sold will result in 1 meal being purchased for those suffering from famine.

Admittedly, I do not know the approximate figures for people affected by famine in Africa, however I am more than sure that the contintent of Africa hosts around 1 billion people. So if this is what he proposes,  it’s a very simplistic view to assume that everybody in Africa is poor and starving.

However,  charity begins at the home & I’ve been a fan of 50’s philanthropic efforts such as Queens Day and the various charities and bone marrow pledges he has helped fund and sponsor in Queens, so this comes as no surprise to me.

50 even addressed the UN about his partnership with the UN World Food Programme, which reports that he has already provided funds to provide 2.5 million meals.

As long as he’s sincere and theres no GMO products being fed to them, then I support this pledge.

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  1. He said 1Billion over the next 5 years http://twitter.com/#!/50cent/status/92083812951003136

    So total 200million starving children every year… then factor in 1meal per day = 365 meals/year for just one child so the figure might actually be approx 550,000 children per year

    I applaud his efforts as well but they messed up the roll out, then factor in that he is a ‘black’ rapper, his entertainment image and you people questioning the whole thing…

    He shoulda suited up, called a press conference with maybe Deepak chopra, russel simmons, some Africa artists, and some UN officials THEN present the whole program to the public, take questions/grilling, then go viral, then release the music (SK tracks), then launch his “Like” campaign

    If you look at the figures above, if he walked the press through the details, the reception would have been more positive and the press would give him more coverage. Poor exectution but commendable anyway

    • Thanks for the correction DannyK. I wasn’t aware he said 1 billion over 5 years.

      He’s still in the process of promoting the pledge, so its not too late for him to propose the ideas you said.

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