“Kick in the door, Biggie flow”

I got inspired by the last verse of Murder to Excellence, when Jay and Kanye mimic Biggie’s flow in homage.

Biggie had a legendary flow. He would speed up and slow down on the beat – it sounded like the words were just bouncing. On some tracks he would use several different flows.

King Tee: (Did King Tee influence Biggie’s flow? Ice T said that Biggie told him King Tee was his favorite rapper)

Beanie Sigel: (Borrowing the flow from You’ll See)

50 Cent: ( Borrowing the flow from My Downfall)

Shyne: (Could never shake off the Biggie comparisons, although I thought it was exaggerated by the media)

Lil Kim: (Biggie wrote most of her material before he passed)

Guerilla Black: ( A glorified Biggie impersonator from Compton)

Currensy: (Has an unorthodox stop and start flow)

Lil Cease: ( Just like the rest of Junior Mafia, Biggie was writing most of his lyrics before he passed)

Sin – (Timbaland’s artist who tried his best to sound like Biggie)

Wiz Khalifa: Makes a decent attempt at flowing like Big on this track.

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  1. Best Biggie impersonation I ever heard

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