Election Rap

November 6 is Election Day, where Mitt Romney will go against Barack Obama to decide who will be the President of the United States.


From my understanding, hip hop has always swayed towards the Democrat Party, despite many rappers lyrics sharing more in common with the Republicans such as lower taxes for the rich and gun ownership.


Hip hop played an important part in helping Barack Obama get elected, as rappers were able to influence many young African Americans to register and vote, particulary those from impoverished backgrounds.


However, hip hop does have a less visible Republican prescence.


Eazy E donated $2500 to the Republican Party and met with Ronald Reagan at the White House
50 Cent once said that if he was able to vote, he would vote for George Bush.

Even Kanye said that he might make his unborn son Republican ” so everybody knows he love white people”

If rappers ran for President who would you vote for?

  • Jay-Z with Vice President Kanye West (Democrat)
  • Rick Ross with Vice President Diddy (Republican)
  • Nas with Vice President A.Z (Democrat)
  • Lil Wayne with Birdman (Republican)

Economy: Both Jay-Z and Lil Wayne have a proven track record in enterprise and supporting businesses. Nas sways more towards the working class but lately his finances have been under the IRS magnifying glass. Ross pledges to increase trade with our Latin American neighbours.

Minorities: Nas envisions a socialist utopia, in where Blacks, Latinos and Anglo Saxons are all treated as equals.

Jewish vote: Jay has the overwhelming support of Jewish voters and would increase sanctions on Iran, possibly leading to a strike.

Family: Having recently become a father, Jay-Z emphasizes support the importance of the family unit and is the only married candidate.

Military Power/Foreign Policy:  Jay-Z and Wayne both seek diplomacy with emerging superpowers and to simmer Middle East tension, however Ross & Nas have been known to irrationaly attack their competitors.

LGBT vote: Wayne & Baby have been known to have a diverse workplace with people of different sexual orientations, however Jay has recently said he supports same sex marriage. Ross is more conservative and does not believe in same sex marriage, but he does claim to call Marc Jacobs from time to time.

Gun ownership: Birdman has a CCW and preaches the right to bear arms, Nas wants to take guns off the streets.

Religion: Ross is conservative and vows not to let the devil innnn.

Immigration: Ross vows to open up the borders for easier ties to his Mexican connects.

Healthcare: Nas is the only candidate who wants to implement universal healthcare.

Capital Punishment: Ross does not forgive.



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