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Sampling: Free Spirit/ I Will Be Your Friend

Here is Sade: I Will Be Your Friend.

And here is Drake: Free Spirit.

Unfortunately, this track didn’t make Drake’s latest album (Take Care) due to Read the rest of this entry

Camp Lo: Coolie High

Firstly, I just want to say what a great opening line this is…

“It’s rainin Alize, I’m floatin’ through the Holland Tunnel swerving'”

Ski must have really put some compression on those drums, because they put some serious knock into the track.

Janet Jackson: Funny How Time Flies (original track – sample appears around 1.20 mark)

Loop played at a higher pitch


I Really Mean It

After hearing the original, you’ll see how much work Just Blaze had to put into overdubbing the drums and bass.

He did a great job chopping up the sample so cleanly.

Major Harris – I Got Over Love (Live version)

I Got Over Love (chopped & pitched up)apologies in advance, obviously I couldn’t chop it up like Just Blaze did!

Car Service…

Because I like both versions!

Car Service

Much Better Off

Sample at normal pitch

Sample at higher pitch

J Dilla sampled

When I first bought Welcome To Detroit, I got stuck on Shake It Down.

The chords and the way the beat drops was impressive, but I especially Read the rest of this entry

Drake: Free Spirit/Sade: I Will Be Your Friend

One of my favorite Sade records, I Will Be Your Friend.

I like how 40 flipped the Sade sample for Drake: Free Spirit. Especially the way it’s filtered so it’s almost unrecognizable, really impressive stuff.

It sounds like the loop plays in reverse throughout the track, then at the end it plays normally. The pitch is slightly lower than the original.

I’ve always wanted someone to loop this intro up though.

Other good Sade samples:

Curren$y: Famous  (Sally)

Half  A Mil: Fast Money & Foreign Objects (Kiss of Life)

MF Doom: Doomsday  (Kiss of Life)

Krayzie Bone ft Sade: Hard Time Hustlin (Feel No Pain)

Movie Music

Producing an album is similar to making a movie.

The producer works with the artist to make a cohesive sounding project from start to finish. In the film world the Read the rest of this entry

Olympicks: Beats That Didn’t Make Teflon Don

The Olympicks are a production outfit signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group.

<a href="Beat’s That Didn’t Make Teflon Don“>Beats That Didn’t Make Teflon Don is self explanatory, but it also implies how fierce the competiton was if none of these tracks made Teflon Don.

Read the rest of this entry

Unreleased Pharrell & Timbaland tracks: Surrounded By Idiots

3 records from Pharrell, Magoo & Timbaland’s group Surrounded By Idiots have been released from the vaults!

Personally, as a full time Neptunes and Timbaland fanatic, I was hyped to hear that they’re Read the rest of this entry

Hip hop’s techno influence

Hip Hop has always been experiementing with electronic music. Hip hop producers use many of the synth arpeggios used in electronica.

The legendary Afrika Bambaataa first fused electro funk and hip hop back in 1982, when Read the rest of this entry