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Harlem ramblings: Did AZ Ho Happy Jackie inspire Nas: Black Girl Lost?

Ho Happy Jackie (1995) is one of my favorite AZ tracks. The song is about a promiscuous woman who will do whatever she can to get money and attention from men.

I always thought this inspired Nas’ Black Girl Lost(1996) because aside from the narrative of the song,  the girls in the skit sound identical to the girls in Ho Happy Jackie.


“Kick in the door, Biggie flow”

I got inspired by the last verse of Murder to Excellence, when Jay and Kanye mimic Biggie’s flow in homage.

Biggie had a legendary flow. He would speed up and slow down on the beat – it sounded like Read the rest of this entry

2nd Amendment Music

Are you pro 2nd Amendment?

New York has some of the toughest laws around when it comes to firearms. In the early 90’s everybody had a couple guns in New least I think so.

It’s extremely difficult to get a Read the rest of this entry

Fight Music

I’m a huge boxing fan as well as a lifetime fan of hip hop music and culture, so I think its clever whenever the two are combined. Music can help to motivate fighters and increase adrenaline, as well as unsettling opponents.


Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Oscar De La Hoya : 50 Cent – Straight To The Bank

50 Cent is said to have competed in the 1994 Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament.

Mike Tyson vs Read the rest of this entry

9th Prince greatest quotes

9th Prince was one of the founding members of Killarmy and also Rza’s brother. 

He was usually off beat but his lyrics were filled with real geopolitical events and his constant namedropping of  historical figures was kind of interesting to me.

In one song he says:

“I remember when Ghost wanted to buy the Killarmy name”

“I remember when Killa Sin bagged Alicia Keys in a Read the rest of this entry

War Rap

Listening to some of my old Killarmy albums as of late. Weird how they were rhyming about events that would happen in the future.

Real interesting if you wern’t put off by some of the 5 Percent terminology.

Why I think it’s important to encourage creativity

Any regular readers of the blog will know that I sometimes like to talk about technology.

I do that because I feel creativity must be encouraged, in order for us to make advances in technology and engineering.

We can apply arts with other fields such as maths and science, Read the rest of this entry

Hip Hop Extremists: Everyone’s a critic!

What is a music critic? There is no qualification or license that allows a music critic to define what good music is.

A critic is giving an opinion, which we all have. They are neither right or wrong, you have the right to disagree with them.

I think it’s ironic that Read the rest of this entry

MarcoArt: “Art for the people!”

MarcoArt is a unique character.

Based in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, MarcoArt has been creating pop art pieces for the likes of Russell Simmons, Arnold Schwarznegger and Quentin Tarantino. Aside from his flamboyant designs, Marco is a budding philanthropist who organizes charitable events for many causes, such as cerebal palsy charities.

In the interview, I talk to Marco about how he got started in art , his opinions on the art world and a little story behind the famous Diplomats logo. Read the rest of this entry

“It’s The Human Jukebox!”

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for Big Band type horn sections.

Here are some nice versions of some well known records, performed by Read the rest of this entry