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Harlem ramblings: Did AZ Ho Happy Jackie inspire Nas: Black Girl Lost?

Ho Happy Jackie (1995) is one of my favorite AZ tracks. The song is about a promiscuous woman who will do whatever she can to get money and attention from men.

I always thought this inspired Nas’ Black Girl Lost(1996) because aside from the narrative of the song,  the girls in the skit sound identical to the girls in Ho Happy Jackie.


Election Rap

November 6 is Election Day, where Mitt Romney will go against Barack Obama to decide who will be the President of the United States.


From my understanding, hip hop has always swayed towards the Democrat Party, despite many rappers lyrics sharing more in common with the Republicans such as lower taxes for the rich and gun ownership.


Hip hop played an important part in helping Barack Obama get elected, as rappers were able to influence many young African Americans to register and vote, particulary those from impoverished backgrounds.


However, hip hop does have a less visible Republican prescence.


Eazy E donated $2500 to the Republican Party and met with Ronald Reagan at the White House
50 Cent once said that if he was able to vote, he would vote for George Bush.

Even Kanye said that Read the rest of this entry

An ode to Gold

Is a gold plaque actually worth more than a platinum plaque?

Raekwon had the right idea on Cuban Linx, because as of today, Gold is priced at Read the rest of this entry

What beats does Nas sound best on?

Nas is scheduled to release another album this year.

The leaks I’ve heard from the album seem to be around 100 BPM, which Read the rest of this entry

Trends: Mafia Rap

Kool G Rap: Road to the Riches is regarded as the first Mafia rap album (1989). 

Kool G Rap set the standard for rappers to talk about tales of organized crime, whilst making references to mobsters and drug traffickers (whether real or fictional).

Sonically, the sub genre was heavily influenced by mob movie scores. For example, Read the rest of this entry

Didn’t you know?: A few facts about Big Willie Style

  • The lady singing on the hook on Just Cruisin (Remix), is none other than Tichina Arnold.

Questions & Answers

Q) I read an interview a few years back where Nas’ group, The Bravehearts say that “Steve Stoute only comes around when he wants something”. Can you explain this because I only heard of Steve Stoute from the Diddy incident.

A) When MC Serch managed Nas, he had full Read the rest of this entry