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Movie Music

Producing an album is similar to making a movie.

The producer works with the artist to make a cohesive sounding project from start to finish. In the film world the Read the rest of this entry

Unreleased Pharrell & Timbaland tracks: Surrounded By Idiots

3 records from Pharrell, Magoo & Timbaland’s group Surrounded By Idiots have been released from the vaults!

Personally, as a full time Neptunes and Timbaland fanatic, I was hyped to hear that they’re Read the rest of this entry

People talking…

As the world keeps turning..

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Pharrell uses $100 Midi keyboard

You may have recently seen photos of Pharrell’s floating studio.

The most surprising feature of the setup to me, was to see Pharrell using the M-Audio KeyStudio 49. It’s a big change from the Read the rest of this entry