*If a video says its only available in Brazil or Japan, go to the bottom of Youtube and select Worldwide. It does that from time to time*

*I don’t post download links to avoid having the blog taken down*

*Feel free to ask whatever (ll)*

  1. this blogs fukin ill. i’m learnin a lot. keep it up and keep them posts comin

  2. Keep it up. Great blog.

  3. What’s up,

    I’m really digging the site. My name is Tom Charles and I’m an upcoming artist from Philadelphia.

    You can check out my latest video at:


    If you like what you hear you can check out some of my other tunes at Myspace.com/tzukhiphop

    I’m trying to get the word out now before my next EP comes out.

    It’d be more than appreciated if you posted it on your blog.

    Regardless, thanks for taking the time.

    Peace and Love

  4. the kid frankie

    i read over here & i can tell you have knowledge of the industry.. how much does a songwriter make, (i guess) percentage wise, from a hit song?

  5. h dub how do i get in contact with you…trying to break into the music industry…and break new artists

  6. peace man, hope all is well. i am producing a film on record producers and would love to shoot an email to grab your insight on a few things.

  7. props on the blog….love the insider info on the music and the industry…keep it up man

  8. yo you mustve hit a nerve mayne…..

    when i type “harlemworld.wordpress.com” into any browser, on any computer or phone, it goes straight to wordpress.com…..

    had to get a link from a google search to open da page…..

    might wanna vest up……

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