Time Machine: Murda Muzik Bootleg

It’s April 1999. Mobb Deep are at the top of their game. Timbs and Avirex are what’s hot, but ACG’s are coming through nicely.

The Tunnel is the No 1 Spot. Dj Clue is the mixtape king.  NYPD brutally murder an unarmed man in The Bronx.

Murda Muzik is so heavily anticipated that bootlegs start to appear on street corners and Jeeps before the official release. (This was a big thing before everyone had computers and internet connections.)

Bootlegging was an industry in itself. An intern could make a small fortune by selling bootlegs which would be made into greater profits on street corners.

This is for hardcore Mobb fans. The Infamous was an introduction to how grimey the Mobb was living in QB. Hell On Earth was more of a mafioso angle. The Murda Musik bootleg is just raw and unfiltered. It’s glorifying that lifestyle. The Mobb don’t want your sympathy on this one, they just want you to feel it (ll). What I love about the bootleg is its TDK cassette feel, you know?

It’s almost the same as the retail version but with a few different tracks, longer skits and lower sound quality.

Havoc really stripped down his production on this one. He used less samples,but more keyboards and sub-bass.
Cold World & Adrenaline sound like Havoc was just in his basement getting twisted. The beats are as aggressive as ever.

The bootleg was for the zombies…the dudes who come out at 3 at night just because. Adrenaline is a testament to that. It had to be for them, because Mobb wasn’t on no state to state radio promo. They stuck with their core fanbase and the formula worked until Loud folded in 2001, which is when Mobb Deep tried to change their formula on Infamy.

Mobb Deep: Murda Muzik Bootleg


1. Murda Muzik
2. Deer Park Feat Cormega
3. Feel My Gat Blow
4. Hoes Gonna Be A Hoe
5. Thrill Me
6. Allustrious
7. Where You From Feat Eightball
8. White Lines
9. Where Ya Heart At?
10. You Fuckin’ Wit Feat Big Noyd
11. Thug Muzik
12. The Realest Shit Feat Kool G Rap
13. This One
14. That True Shit

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  1. I been looking for this for the longest. Thanks. Do you prefer this version over the retail?

  2. I prefer the bootleg. I think it would have got a “championship ring” if Chronic 2001 wasn’t so sonically superior to everything at the time.

    lf: This was the first CD I heard people use the term “crack music” instead of just calling it dope.

  3. I had a chance to listen and it definately has some gems. That song with the Al Green sample is a favorite of mine. But the retail is still better IMO. The singles on Murda Musik were epic.

  4. son, I couldn’t agree with you more. This bootleg was epic. I remember the titles were all fcuked up and all that. They were calling the Kool G joint ‘Deer Park’ or some shit like that. But that album was rugged. Especially the lo-fi street version. Glad to hear that there are forward thinkin ppl out there still payin’ homage to when sh*t was real. Nuff respect.

  5. ahhh, I just realized that Deer Park was the Mega joint. My bad. but yeah, I had this joint.

  6. can we get a reup

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