Is Jay-Z the most successful Jewish rapper of all time?

Some people say that Yiddish is the second language of the entertainment industry, and I wouldn’t put it past Jay-Z to have taken note of this.


Now as far as I know Drake and The Beastie Boys are the most successful Jewish rappers of all time, as Jay-Z doesn’t claim to be part of any religion.

Aside from that Jay-Z calls himself J HOVA , a reference to him being an alleged God MC.  Jehovah is also the Jewish name for God, we know Jay knows this when he says “I’m far from being God” after he says J Hova on Breathe Easy.

Jay-Z Jewish References

“So at 13 we’ll have our first drink together
Black bar mitzvahs, mazel tov, mogul talk” – New Day (In this song Jay-Z is talking to his unborn son, Jewish boys drink with their fathers at bar mitzvahs)


“Flow tight like I was born Jewish” – This Can’t Be Life
“And now it’s kosher, shit is so Hasidic” – Dead Presidents
“Rap Meyer Lansky” – Party Life (Jewish gangster, head of Murder Inc)
“Had to get some chollah bread so you can holla back, and holla that//My Jewish lawyer too enjoyed the fruit of letting my cash stack” – No Hook
“Now I concentrate on your camp like Jews” – Resevoir Dogs
“My Chariots on Fire”  – Grammy Family Fresstyle (Film about a Jewish athlete overcoming prejudice)
“L’Chaim, I wish you nothing but success when it’s my time” – Roc Boys
“I’m Hyman Roth, I made all my partners rich” – Sweet – (Jewish mobster in The Godfather)


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