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Suge Knight on Last Call with Carson Daly (2001)

Rare interview where Suge Knight claims that Jay-Z got tied up and gagged, in a hotel room when he came to L.A.

There’s the usual Suge rhetoric about people being informants and how he’s the only black CEO in hip hop to own his masters.

Also claimed to own a Jennifer Lopez sex tape.

Dre and Snoop told him that, ‘When you on the west coast, you wrote a song for me, don’t worry ’bout nothin’.’ Next thing I know he’s taped up, robbed, and gagged.”

Is Jay-Z the most successful Jewish rapper of all time?

Some people say that Yiddish is the second language of the entertainment industry, and I wouldn’t put it past Jay-Z to have taken note of this.


Now as far as I know Drake and The Beastie Boys are the most successful Jewish rappers of all time, as Jay-Z doesn’t claim to be part of any religion.

Aside from that Jay-Z calls himself J HOVA , a reference to him being an alleged God MC.  Jehovah is also the Jewish name for God, we know Jay knows this when he says Read the rest of this entry

Is Fat Joe a Hip Hop Legend?

Welcome To Havana…

“Welcome to Havana
Smokin Cubanas with Castro in cabanas” – Jay-Z: Otis

Although I’m sure he means no harm by it, this line really irks me.

I was born in New York, however my father was born in Cuba and my mothers father was also Cuban. So I Read the rest of this entry

Movie Music

Producing an album is similar to making a movie.

The producer works with the artist to make a cohesive sounding project from start to finish. In the film world the Read the rest of this entry

Hip Hop & The Alcohol Industry

Alcoholic beverage corporations are some of the biggest sponsors within hip hop.

We’re all familiar with brands such as Cristal because of Biggie and Raekwon, just as Courvoiser saw sales of their product spike after the hit record Pass The Courvoisier Pt 2.

Like it or not, rappers are very influential – even President Obama can attest to that.

Read the rest of this entry

News Corporation Scandal – Lets kick them while they’re down!

Rupert Murdoch is an Australian multimedia mogul who owns News Corporation.

News Corporation own and control much of the multimedia in the Western World, as well as parts of Latin America and Asia.

Murdoch is one of the most powerful men in the world & has even attended Bilderberg Group meetings.

U.S Senators have now called for a probe into Murdoch’s News Corp due to a scandal that started in London, Read the rest of this entry

Hip hop’s techno influence

Hip Hop has always been experiementing with electronic music. Hip hop producers use many of the synth arpeggios used in electronica.

The legendary Afrika Bambaataa first fused electro funk and hip hop back in 1982, when Read the rest of this entry

The effect of digital music stores on album sales

Previewing music has usually been a good way of creating interest for a record. An ad in a popular magazine or a small billboard is useful but nothing beats hearing a new record played by a dj or in store before you buy.

Traditionally, the single acted as a commercial for the album. With this kind of approach, it’s easier to see why Read the rest of this entry

The Big Apple: Steve Jobs holds record industry to ransom

Apple have created a monopoly in digital music.  The record labels tend to do as Apple says because this is where most of their sales come from.

In 2003 , Apple starts iTunes – a digital music store where consumers can Read the rest of this entry