The Coup D’Etat of Island/Def Jam Records

“John Gotti liked to wear suits too”

Several years ago, Jay-Z and Linkin Park made a joint EP turned album together called Collision Course.

I was intrigued because Linkin Park are one of Warner’s flagship artists and Jay-Z was one of Universal’s.

Usually the majors are rivals, so an idea like this, could never happen as long as one was Warner and the other Universal.

In late 2003/early 2004,  Lyor Cohen,Todd Moscovitz and Kevin Liles moved to rival label Warner Music Group.

For those that dont know the significance of that move, that was basically the shot callers at Island/Def Jam moving to Warner.

A move like that was obviously planned months, maybe years in advance, becuase Jay-Z was later made Head of Def Jam after selling Roc-a-fella Records. (something that remains a suspicious business move).

L.A Reid, scared Jay-Z could leave, makes Jay-Z Head of Def Jam as an added incentive to stay.

Collision Course: Release Date: November 30 2004

Jay-Z clears himself, Lyor clears Linkin Park, Collision Course is made.

Millions are made worldwide from tours/CD’s/DVD’s/merchandise.

Jay-Z leaves his post as Def Jam head, leaving them $100 million in the red and has BP3 distributed by Warner.

And there you have it.


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  1. Keep up the great work

  2. Yao! The first 54 secs of the DOA vid is bossy as hell! The rest was a bit of a let down aesthetically! Imagine if Lyor had driven Hovie to Marcy and the rest of the vid was set in various parts of Marcy Houses. That would’ve sent extra tremors through the industry!!

  3. Def Jam oversign free agents like Frank Layden, GM of the Knicks?
    Was Jay made president to take over like Isaiah Thomas was made to clean up the mess and do favors for execs on the side?
    Because if not then that makes Jay-Z the Larry Brown of music executives, a guy who stars in running a dysfunctional franchise and stayed snake enough to get what he wanted, and then leaves them high and dry and lands in a new, better spot. Larry Brown wasted a lot of young talent along the way as well.


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