“You want it to be that way…but its the other way”


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  1. The problem about Beyonce to this day, IS THAT SHE DOESN’T SEEM TO HAVE ANY EXTRA GOALS IN LIFE AFTER MUSIC. The minute she stop actively recording and touring she’ll fall off the edge. Her father probably cannot adapt to the internet era, so they ALL retired him and moved on.

    Scratch Music DJ must plan to be the new Guitar Hero or Dance Dance, where a kid can log in to the kiosk and rock a random crowd, with and outsourced DJ backing him from the comfort of his own home.

    Why would 50 take a short when he allegedly gave that man an all cash, interest free loan and he still blew it and told 50 to screw himself?

    Is REASON better to use on Windows based systems, because if so they may take over when artists realize that Apple is not going to allow ProTools to dominate Mac recording any longer UNLESS they get that major cut on iTunes Apps. Apple will sabotage ProTools and promote Garage Band so fast, there will be nothing ProTools would be able to do without re-coding their entire software structure. The current uproar of the Final Cut Pro upgrades in the film industry is a sign of things to come.


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