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Midweek Newsletter: The Roots make a statement, Russell Simmons returns to Occupy Wall Street and more

Solve all your problems by giving me money!

Russell Simmons is a hip hop legend. This does not and should not make him immune to criticism. Mr Simmons is also worth an estimated $340 million, so it’s pretty safe to say that he is not part of the 99%! It’s his money and he can do what he likes with it. However, Mr Simmons has stated that he would support paying more taxes. The problem with increased taxation in my opinion, is that it would have a crippling effect on the middle classes and small businesses, simply because after taxes their would not be enough money going around to spend frequently. The consumer would be forced to save money and spend wisely.

Anyway, yesterday Russell said that he is planning an Read the rest of this entry

50 Cent puts his money where his mouth is

50 Cent has pledged to try to feed a billion people suffering from starvation and famine in Africa.

Apparently, every SK Energy Drink sold will result in 1 meal being purchased for those suffering from famine.

Admittedly, I do not Read the rest of this entry

2nd Amendment Music

Are you pro 2nd Amendment?

New York has some of the toughest laws around when it comes to firearms. In the early 90’s everybody had a couple guns in New least I think so.

It’s extremely difficult to get a Read the rest of this entry

Fight Music

I’m a huge boxing fan as well as a lifetime fan of hip hop music and culture, so I think its clever whenever the two are combined. Music can help to motivate fighters and increase adrenaline, as well as unsettling opponents.


Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Oscar De La Hoya : 50 Cent – Straight To The Bank

50 Cent is said to have competed in the 1994 Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament.

Mike Tyson vs Read the rest of this entry

50 Cent might not be releasing another album on Interscope – do you care?

“You want it to be that way…but its the other way”

Today In The Music Industry

Hidden Hand

The New Deal: 50 Cent’s 50/50

From what I’ve gathered from reports, 50 Cent has started to offer a new type of deal to artists signing to his label.

For example, 50 cent would pay for the artists overheads, such as recording & promotion.

Once the overheads are recouped, the profit is split 50/50. This differs from the traditional recording contract and the more recent 360 deal in several ways.  This method was used for Read the rest of this entry